God’s Perspective versus Our Perspective

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Many times God teaches me while I am teaching my children. Today I saw a glimpse of God’s perspective on our behavior.

Life as a parent

I have had many light bulb moments with my children because as we are parents; God is also a parent to us all. Recently, our summer has had a great deal of fighting. Our house has had a tense atmosphere recently. Small disagreements have been causing big issues between family members.

A couple mornings ago it was over spilled cereal. It may seem like a small problem, but if you have ever had these issues you understand that this 5 minute problem will probably take about 30 minutes to solve! When fighting begins I normally send them to their rooms with the instruction, “You can come out when you are ready to __________.” Have you found yourself in the situation? How do you handle it?

Do you ever just want to say “It will take you 2 minutes if you just do it, but you spent 30 minutes complaining!”

God’s perspective is different from ours

My son finally came out to clean up the mess, but grumbled the whole time. His focus was on his sister and what she should be doing; not on himself. He felt his sister should do half of the clean up. I am sure you have dealt with some situation like this before.What my son didn’t see was my daughter spent a longer time in her room because she refused to clean up.

Have you ever stopped and noticed that sometimes we do the exact same thing?

I know I have. It is a common phrase that ‘life isn’t fair,’ but I didn’t realize that deep down I feel that it should be fair.

God changed my point of view

While dealing with my children, it gave me an idea as to God’s point of view. We are parents, and God is our parent. When I hear myself telling my children, “Don’t worry about what others are doing; all that matters is what you are doing,” I hear God telling me the same thing. Maybe it is the household chores, parenting obligations, keeping peace in the family, or even at work.

We keep score without always noticing. “I did the dishes last time, it should be your turn.” When you can step back and see God’s perspective, you may see something you didn’t notice before.

What lesson have you learned from teaching your children?

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