Last Minute Father’s Day Presents

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Father’s Day is this weekend!

It always sneaks up on me. We have so much going on the months leading up to Father’s Day.

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Birthdays in April, May, and June
  • Last Day of School
  • First Day of Summer

I didn’t even realize that this next Sunday is Father’s Day already. Fathers do so much for children that one day to celebrate them just doesn’t seem enough at times. You might have already bought that special guy the perfect gift; or you just realized you only have this week to find something. I have 10 great ideas for that special Dad in your life.

        1. Record a video:  Get creative and record something you want to share and remember for years to come.
        2. Create a collage: Find all the great (and not so great) photos of Dad; you can create your own collage or use Shutterfly to create many different photo gifts.
        3. Cook his favorite meal: Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, choose a meal and as a family create his favorite.
        4. Have a movie night for him: Let him choose the movie, the snack, and if you have flexibility even the location. If you prefer, you could even let him choose a new movie no one has seen yet, but he has wanted to watch.
        5. Do a hand or foot print art project: There are so many different ideas that are great. You could make a shirt for Dad or check out these other ideas.
        6. Go on a camping trip: If Dad likes camping, set aside a weekend to go to his favorite campsite. Maybe he isn’t much of an outdoors man, then you can set up an indoor campsite. I can already taste the s’mores.
        7. Create a playlist: Take the time to choose special songs that you know Dad would like or that remind you of Dad and you can play them for him during Father’s Day.
        8. Answer questions about Dad: My kids love to do those worksheets with questions about Dad, and they have such memorable answers. I create one you can use it you would like here.
        9. A power point presentation: I love creating a great presentation that has pictures and music that have great meaning for Dad. It is cheap, but it takes time to get everything set up.
        10. Gift cards: I use to think this was cheating, but it shows you want the best present for them. They will know best. Where does he prefer to shop?


  1. Now that you have some quick last minute ideas to make this year a fantastic day, you can get next year’s present all ready too! With your kids, make a time capsule and put it aside to give to Dad next year.Join me on Facebook and share what you are doing for Father’s Day this year. Subscribe to our email list to never miss out on another post again.
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