Miracles in the Storm

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When I look back over the last years, I don’t have any idea how I have made it through. I was hoping for a miracle that never seemed to come. My husband went to get a visa to live with us, but he was denied.

Have you ever felt adrift and lost? That was me!

I still remember when my husband told me he wasn’t able to come back. My world came apart. I wish I could say I trusted God during this struggle. There were good days and bad days. I searched and called out with desperation to God for miracle, but I wasn’t really listening to what God was saying.

Not now

“Ask and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7)

I just didn’t understand why I could keep asking God, yet my miracle didn’t come. Then it happened. My son wanted to have a piece of candy right before dinner. As a parent, I knew he just had to wait until after dinner to have what he wants, but he wanted to have it right away. This is when the light bulb lit. I want something right now, but maybe God isn’t saying no; instead he is just saying not now. While waiting, God has used us to inspire others and to bring us closer to him.

“In all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28)

You hear this verse quoted so often to encourage people going through rough times. Sometimes it helps, but it is so vague it can frustrate people waiting for a miracle. This does not mean that when we are living through storms in our lives that we don’t love him or that he doesn’t love us. Our lives are meant to bring glory to God through everything we do.

God gives you unexpected miracles

What the Devil wanted to use to destroy my family, has actually made our family stronger and closer to God. It may sound like a fairy tale ending, but I still struggle with many issues. I am learning with Christ to trust my life to him, and I want to bless you with all I have learned.

I have started to see the small miracles in my life instead of focusing on my missing miracle:

  • my realtor who brought me some lunch
  • a beautiful spring day
  • spending time with my children
  • catching up with a friend
  • reading God’s word

But I am still waiting for the day God grants me my miracle and my family can be reunited again.

I would love to hear about the miracles you have experienced or that you are waiting for in the comments.

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