Slow Down and Breath

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Have you ever noticed how fast paced our culture is? Maybe you noticed it after a trip to another country, or after a long relaxing vacation. I spent five months in Mexico, and how busy our society (has become)is became very apparent. I would have large blocks of time with nothing to do, and I felt adrift.

Are you on a hamster wheel getting no where?

So often we cram our days with as much as we can so we don’t miss out on anything. Sadly, I never feel as if I have accomplished much by the end of my day no matter how full it was. The question I ask myself then is:  Are we substituting quantity for quality? I might get a lot done each day, but has it really brought significance to my day. Do I choose to get everything done on my to do list, or do I spend a couple hours catching up with a friend? It may be difficult, but there are some tasks that can wait until tomorrow.

How would living in the moment look in your life?

Today it was a trip to the zoo with my son.

What was your moment today? I would love to hear in the comments below.

At the Master’s Feet

The story of Mary and Martha has been told many times.  We are shown by example, with the contrast of Mary and Martha, how we should be scheduling our lives. Martha was running all over to get everything done while her sister Mary was just sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening. So Martha complains to Jesus about how lazy Mary is being. Do you ever feel like you are being lazy because you are not busy doing something?

“The Lord answered, “You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.” (Luke 10: 41)

So what is Jesus trying to teach us? We need to stop, slow down, rest, and listen. We can’t listen if we don’t slow down.

Have you taken time to listen to Jesus today? I can confess that I have started many days as the beginning of a race. So what should we do? Take some time to slow down.

Check out my Top 10 things to do to slow down here.

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  1. Great reminders and so true about how we differ from other countries. Really makes us examine what we are doing and how we may be setting for less by default. Shared on twitter?

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